Jul 20th 2020

Abbie talks content creation for the 20 Minute Marketing Podcast

Our very own Abbie Swindell, Head of Social Media at Electric House, recently guest featured on The 20 Minute Marketing Podcast.

As part of the discussion, Abbie explained the value of developing, or capitalising on, niche communities. She explains, ‘We will always preach that niche communities are the way to go. That’s something we’ve always been really passionate about, finding communities within the social space which might not have a significant presence yet, but definitely have the scope to grow.’

She also touched upon our latest TikTok community, ‘We’ve actually just set up another community through TikTok called Ministry Of, and one of our channels, Ministry Of Science hit 122,000 followers in a month. We just haven’t seen that level of growth with any community for a very very long time, so it’s extremely exciting for us to jump into a platform and see that kind of growth again. 



Abbie went on to explain the process of creating viral content, and the realities of finding a winning formula, ‘What a lot of people don’t see are the videos that haven’t worked so well, that we’ll never do again. There’s a lot of time that gets invested into test phases – we’ll put all these hours and prep into it, and we’ll go out and shoot it, and it won’t work as well as we’d hoped. It’s a case of going through this cycle until you land on a series or video idea that absolutely smashes it out of the water.’

To hear more about Abbie’s insights and opinions on the social landscape, listen to the full 20 Minute Marketing Podcast Here.