Are Reddit & Discord the best platforms for growing communities?

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Are Reddit and Discord secretly moving other social platforms out of the way to become the number one place for growing an online community? We find out...

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Reddit is a discussion website, where users can post images, gifs, or text posts. The posts are categorised into communities, or ‘subreddits’. There are 52 million daily active Reddit users worldwide with 2.8 million subreddits and over 130,000 active communities. (Source)

Discord is an instant messaging platform that was designed to create communities, or ‘servers’. Originally popular among the gaming community, the platform is now beginning to gain attraction from a wider audience. Discord has over 140 million monthly active users and 19 million weekly active servers. (Source)

Are Reddit and Discord secretly moving other social platforms out of the way to become the number one grower of online communities available?

We asked some Electric House team members who use Reddit and Discord to give us their opinion.

Interests and Hobbies

“I use Reddit and Discord regularly to keep up with my interests and hobbies. I certainly think that they’re secretly becoming the best platforms on which to build a community. There’s a much more positive experience here than on other platforms.”

Christian Mason, Editor

“Reddit is a very different kettle of fish to Discord. I use Reddit to consume content: mainly short stories or serials that I read. I also debate in political subreddits and keep in touch with international and hyper-local news. Discord, however, could benefit from having a better ability to find servers or communities that are more relevant to my interests.”

Nick Brooks,  Project Manager

Engaging With Friends

“I use Discord most days to chat to friends online. Normally we have a catch up and listen to music and sometimes we play games as well. Discord is a little less based around ‘online profiles’ and more about community chats, almost like a mass online Whatsapp.

I feel like Discord is a real dark horse in terms of community building platforms. Many compare it to audio call software like Skype, but it has a lot of features that allow for the expansion past simply calling people.”

Daniel Charlton, Producer

User Experience

“Many Discord servers have to find or build their own bots to support basic community management or provide extra functionality on the platform. If Discord had an in-built bot, it could improve the community-building aspect of the platform.

Part of Reddit’s success is that it hasn’t changed that much in terms of look or features. However, I think that plays both ways; it’s still quite spartan and looks very akin to the old forum look of its youth. Basically, I think a UI update would be helpful.”

Nick Brooks, Project Manager


“Streamers (that use online software such as Twitch, etc.) use Discord to set up channels around their brand, allowing their fans to connect with each other and the influencer themselves on a more personal level.

The channels can be used far past the simple audio features such as updating fans on when they go live, ideation chat for future content ideas, channels for the fans to connect and chat, and the ability to reach out to fans

Reddit isn’t a secret any longer, especially with the use of online celebrities and content creators interacting daily with it, but it is still one of the largest social media platforms that brands just don’t seem to interact with yet.”

Daniel Charlton, Producer


So, are Discord and Reddit secretly becoming the number one grower of social communities available?

“I would say that it really depends on the type of community you’re looking to build, and you should choose carefully. 

If you’re looking for a fan or niche community, I would say that Discord is absolutely the way to go. The tools available to you are all geared towards either sharing links to other platforms, or live conversations. It supports one person, or a small collection of people, sharing their work or content.

Reddit is better for a wide collection of artists or content creators to get together and debate in a forum.”

Nick Brooks, Project Manager

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