Aug 01st 2020


On my first day, in my first creative at Electric House, I said we needed to talk about vaginas. Granted, it was in the context of women’s health, not just a particularly bold ice breaker, but it is something that I feel passionately about.


With that in mind, my campaign of the month is #WombStories by Bodyform, the latest move in an ongoing, Lion winning, mission to normalise periods and gynaecological health.


If you haven’t seen the #WombStories video yet, you must. It is gorgeous and it is gut-wrenching. Visually, it is a triumph, using a blend of animation and live-action to great effect. But, the real power comes from its unflinching honesty. Hilarious and harrowing by turns, we’re given a window into the pleasure and the pain of being a woman – from miscarriage to menopause, the agony of endometriosis and the joy of conception, we see it all.


From the brand that broke ground by showing actual blood in a period ad – as opposed to the usual, polite blue liquid – this is yet another stunning blow against the bizarre stigma surrounding wombs and womanhood. 


The lesson here is an old one, but a good one – he who dares, wins. Be bold, challenge convention, say the unsayable and speak to your customer honestly. Great creative captures an unspoken truth and gives it voice, and, speaking as someone who has a love/hate relationship with their womb, #WombStories does just that. 

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