Oct 01st 2020


Representation in the media is a topic that has been a talking point for the past few years. With countless articles, studies and speeches stressing the importance of on-screen diversity. When minorities are given little representation in the media, it projects the idea that they are not important, and crucially, that they don’t exist in certain environments and contexts. When casting, we have an obligation to represent the variety of cultures, races and orientations that exist in the world around us. Especially, when considering the critical role that media and art play in shaping the way consumers perceive society and those other than themselves.


Not only is fair and proper representation important for audiences, to maintain a truthful connection to different minorities and groups, it is also important for marginalised people to see themselves portrayed in entertainment. We have made tremendous strides in narrowing the gap, but there is still a lot of work to be done. 


From an Electric House perspective, a lot of our original content is set in the sphere of construction, a predominantly white and male industry. However, when we cast, we make sure we include all different kinds of people. We hope that we contribute to better representation of marginalised communities on-site. Whilst our casting may not always reflect the existing cultural or gender split in the UK construction community, our objective is to portray a reality which allows people of colour, women, and LGBTQIA+ individuals to see themselves working on site. The ultimate hope is that we will inspire marginalised individuals to consider a career in an industry in which they are currently grossly underrepresented.  


As Electric House has grown, our branded content has excelled in contributing to diversity within online content. When casting we find out the producer’s precise artistic vision for the show, and then relay this vision with talent platforms to find a suitable applicant. This ensures we cast a broad spectrum of actors across our various projects. The main attributes we look for in a person when casting are: flexibility, organisation, reliability and professionalism. We treat each actor with respect and consideration at all times. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and ethical responsibility. 


Nicole McCarthy – Casting Coordinator