Citroen Supertrades Case Study

clock 10 months ago

For tradespeople, their van is their office, their shelter, sometimes even their bathroom, that’s why the market is so competitive.

Automobile giant Citroen approached Electric House to cut through that competition, to reach tradespeople and build genuine resonance in an engaging and relatable way. 

To achieve these objectives, we formulated a video-focused campaign that sought to position Citroën, and their Berlingo and Dispatch models, as an asset to trades’ livelihoods and businesses, without sacrificing the fun On The Tools’ style which our content is synonymous with.

With this in mind, ‘Citroën Supertrades’ was born. A six episode series pitting real trades against one another, in a series of challenges focused around vans in a bid to crown the top trade. The series was designed to immediately engage the viewer, shot in a frenetic social-first style, whilst allowing us to showcase the features and benefits of the vans in a subtle way. This light-hearted content was accompanied by a series of in-depth van reviews, where, to ensure authenticity, we enlisted real tradespeople to share their honest opinions. By opting to create the reviews in this way, and by ensuring the Supertrades series retained a connection to the community, we created content that was unapologetically for tradespeople, ultimately reinforcing the position of Citroën as an asset to the trade.

With big views and engagement, the campaign became the best performing sponsored automotive content on Facebook for two months running. Perhaps more tangibly, survey data found 85% of men aged 18-34 said exposure to the campaign made them more likely to buy a Citroën van in the future. Job done.

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