Jan 14th 2020

Creative, with the truth

This week our new Creative Lead Beth Dunmore, has put together her thoughts on the creative process, and the important steps needed before the ‘big idea’ comes into play.

There are a lot of misconceptions about creative professionals. We all wear statement glasses and massive scarves. We all live on a diet of black coffee and cigarettes. We’re all closet sociopaths (thanks Don Draper). But, perhaps the biggest fallacy surrounds the – apologies – creative process.

There is a pervading perception that big ideas come from nowhere – the perfect line presents itself at 2am, a casual comment sparks a Cannes-worthy concept. And honestly, sometimes that does happen, but not without hours of research and analysis beforehand.

Effective creative is based on fact, so before the brainstorms begin, we dig. Starting with the initial brief, we identify the audience – who are they, what are they talking about, where are they having their conversations. The big pitfall here is conjecture. It’s easy to guess what an audience wants, but it’s better to actually know.

Data is our friend, and we find quantitative research to set the direction of our creative. That might come from social listening, owned research or even proper scientific papers. Wherever we draw our insight from, it allows us to build a creative which is founded on truth, not assumption.

Next, we investigate the brand. Here we find another pitfall. It can be tempting to bend a brand’s persona to meet your creative preference – but actually, unless it’s a rebrand, that’s just a very quick route to missing the brief. We trawl the client’s website and socials, look at their print presence, and mine their brand history until we know exactly who they are, and how they communicate.

Finally, once the research is complete, we don our quirky specs and mammoth scarves, break out the cafetière and get properly creative. By combining insight with invention, we produce smart creative, rooted in reality.

To find out more about how our creative ideas can make sparks fly, get in touch.