May 25th 2021

Electric House closes its office for the team’s wellbeing

On the last Wednesday of each month at Electric House, from March to June, something amazing is happening.

We don’t have to tell you about how challenging this past year has been.

Behind every achievement and every upload is a talented and passionate family of over a hundred, celebrating and working hard to deliver the next piece of content or change-making partnership.

This is why on the last Wednesday of each month, each member of our team will be doing… Absolutely nothing. Or whatever else it is they want to do, as long as it’s not work!

We want to take this time out of our schedule to focus on ourselves and give ourselves a much-needed breather, a pat on the back, and a cup of tea.

Here’s how some Electric House team members have been spending their Wellbeing Wednesdays…



“It’s been a tough year. I’m so grateful to be working with an amazing group of people, on projects that speak up on important topics, and for a company who understands and cares for its own.

Five extra days of holiday given for Wellbeing Wednesdays (and the lockdown lift on June 21st-22nd!) gives the team time off to recoup, regenerate, and do something that isn’t work.

Tomorrow I’m going for a walk!”

– Liz Kemp, Assistant Producer



“I spent Wellbeing Wednesday taking my mom out for a nice day’s shopping and some lunch- something I haven’t done in too long and something I will remember for a long time coming, too.

It’s important to take the time away from work and today was a great refresher. Very thankful that I get to work for a great company and with great peers.”


Daniel Charlton, Original Content Producer



“I can think of thousands of times over the years that I’ve told people, ”I’m too busy”, or ”We’ll sort something out”…

But, what we should be doing is saying ”YES”- spending time with family, friends, and the people that are so close to us – and yet, unfortunately, so far apart!

What this company has done for me and over a hundred families is add memories and bits that people can hold on to, which should be cherished by everyone.”

– John Reece, Client Partner



“I’m truly grateful to the Executive Team for starting this initiative and our partners for supporting it.

I’ll be spending tomorrow potty training my 2 year old, changing my 8 month old’s nappies and loving every minute of it.”

Will Bonaddio, Senior Client Partner


“It’s easy to focus on the Wednesday itself and what we all plan to do but what’s really interesting is the morale boost and the buzz about the place as people discuss how lucky we are to have this level of support from work.

My lovely wife has booked the day off with me tomorrow so I will be trying not to spend money on things we don’t need.”

– Stephen Ryan, Senior Client Partner


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