Nov 13th 2019

Facebook Video Summit

Facebook watch

Last week we attended the Facebook Video Summit in Paris and had a fab time in the City of Lights. The event focused on 2020 plans for the platform, with a spotlight on Facebook Watch, and how to gain more engagement.  

Lot’s more long-form

It’s no secret that Facebook is encouraging high quality, high integrity video content across the platform and this will continue in 2020. Think less user generated cats playing pianos, and more Stranger Things with detailed plot narratives. 

One thing is clear – brands need to get comfortable with longer form content as it is here to stay.

Co-watching creates more engagement ops

Facebook Watch and the subject of co-watching was discussed as part of the event, with guidance given on how to use it for maximum impact.  

Using Facebook Live and Facebook Watch parties create opportunities for people to consume video content together. 

This means more chances for interactivity, using polls, comments and messages to keep the conversation going during the live-stream. As a brand using Facebook Live or Watch, it’s important to focus some efforts on responding and engaging in the live/watch feed too as this really can spike your engagements. 

Facebook groups push your brand 

Having a Facebook group will also push your brand page. One example of this is, after you have finished watching a video on Facebook Watch, it will show recommended groups as well as pages for relevant content, giving your brand more exposure. 

We’re big advocates of Facebook groups as the place for niche communities and deeper engagements. However, it is important to remember that the majority of the content within a group should be member driven. 

New insight features

Creator Studio is where Facebook wants you to manage your page insights, performance, loyalty and retention. 2020 will see more investment into Creator Studio from Facebook. With lots of metrics available for you to track, our advice is to clarify what matters most to your brand rather than tracking absolutely everything.

If you need help or guidance on how best to use Facebook for your brand in 2020, get in touch and find out more about the services we offer.