Sep 28th 2020

‘Group Think!’ Facebook Webinar with Lee Wilcox, CEO


Facebook groups are a fantastic way to engage and grow a community. Not only is it a powerful and free market research tool, but it’s a way to listen to your audience directly.

Within this webinar, Lee explains how to create and grow niche communities by catering to what community members want to see. You will learn to start from scratch, up to the actual approach and building of your brand, so that your community can gain value from your group.

Joining Lee is Adam Callow, CEO of Expert Trades, who gives key advice on gaining meaningful feedback from your members and how to pinpoint your members’ needs. Remember, it’s about people, not brands, and creating a space to have a conversation!

As well as Adam, Lee is joined by Electric House client partners: Felicity Neale and Richard Blackmore, who detail how brands can use Brand Group Memberships to get involved in authentic conversations within the community to create brand awareness.

Brand Group Membership is a way to give your brand a face and a personality that people can build an affinity with. But don’t just read about it, watch the full webinar today to get the ultimate tools to build and grow a successful Facebook group.

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