How brands can put communities first

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There are several ways that brands can provide value to their communities on social media. We sat down with Head of New Business, Phil Hewlett, to find out more.


There will always be a place for content that aims to convert or transact, but making this type of promotional content the only output for your brand or business,  doesn’t build a relationship, and runs the risk of turning people off.   

The ability and capacity for brands to provide value in online communities is constantly evolving. Phil explains why brands should avoid merely transactional content when offering value to their clients:

“People are looking to feel part of a community, or they’re looking to be able to pull something out of that brand.

For me, that can be things like, somebody who loves really loves trainers or sneakers might really want to understand what does the R & D look like? What’s involved in that process?”

If you can open the doors to your design process, maybe get people involved by providing feedback, you are building a stronger relationship and a potential future advocate. You could get them to help tailor what their trainers are going to look and feel like, which gives them value that is outside of discounts, or offers.

“It’s something different; they feel a part of it, and I think that’s really important.”


At Electric House, as part of our commitment to put our communities first, we promote positive change, relevant to our members and the world around them.

Brands that can be introspective, tap into social issues, and become a part of something bigger, can offer value in a different way to their community. Phil uses Beyond Meat as an example:

“Beyond Meat, at the moment, are really tapped into a social issue: looking at consumption and the environment.

You’ll see Ethan Brown, talking around why he’s doing it, why they’ve set up Beyond Meat, and what it means and why it’s important to him. Therefore, the community is behind that.”


Some of the ways brands can measure the value and the impact the content they’re providing is achieving is by conducting brand research and tracking brand sentiments. 

“Marketers often aim to see a shift in brand awareness, and that’s a long term plan. To get there it’s about building this community… Adding value; that’s what they need to do.”

Another way to measure the value that you’re providing to your community is by looking at engagement levels. The more value that a community member gets from a post, the more likely they are to engage with it, and the higher the engagement level will be. As Phil explains,

“You’re more likely to engage with content that looks and feels relevant. Consumers want to be served stuff that they actually think is for them. That’s the key.”


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