Nov 30th 2020

How to create viral content for TikTok

When I first started at Electric House I was a spritely, budding videographer. This lasted for a few short months – but I was soon following the usual path, meaning the long and gruelling descent into the life of a D-list, TikTok pseudo-celebrity. 


Electric House hired me despite questioning in the interview process whether my CV might actually be a joke (for the wrong reasons). As it turned out, my training in cinematography and editing would prove far less useful than my skills as a parasitic attention seeker who would degrade himself on the internet for a mere whiff of fame. 


And, when a TikTok contract came through to the company, I was immediately ready to twerk my way to victory: subsequently forced to hide my disappointment when I was informed I’d actually be producing educational videos. 


So that’s what I do now: research, write, film, edit, repeat – on the world’s crassest social media. 


TikTok is interesting for three main reasons: no one really knows how it works, it’s got a funny name, and every person and their dog is physically addicted to it. But, in my time producing educational content for our channels, I have genuinely found that it boasts some surprising qualities for teaching. 


For a start, it’s a fantastic encapsulation of the horrific attention span deficit plaguing modern society. Books are boring, and so are videos that exceed 1 minute in length. So buckle up kids, you’re about to learn quantum mechanics in 50 seconds and you are going to like it! 


Compressing topics into this short time frame is bizarrely refreshing as it forces you to be as concise as possible – and TikTok’s insane reach guarantees that even videos discussing the most mundane of topics will likely get the minimum level of views to avoid feeling embarrassed and upset (at least 50% of the time).


The process of engaging directly with users via the reply feature also allows educational accounts to let their audience curate their content for them. ‘What is time dilation?’ – great question markdevon95, allow me to explain. ‘Is poo good?’ – even better jiggleforme69, you’re about to find out. 


And thus far, my work seems to have paid off. We have a 400k combined following on our channels, and one extraordinarily scary man followed me through New Street station and made me pose for the most uncomfortable video of all time. 


I’m now beyond seeking forgiveness for my transgressions. I am a 23-year-old TikTok-ker and God says that’s okay. Kids enjoy watching a grown man shoe-horn mildly-inappropriate jokes into videos about black holes and I’ll be damned if you’re going to do anything about it. 


I hope this has been vaguely informative. I’d love to chat more, but I have a TikTok about hyena genitalia to make. (They give birth through their clitorises).