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Increase the value of your content on social media with tips from Abbie Swindell, Head of Social at Electric House.

At Electric House, we follow a community-first approach, which means that before anything else, we deliver value to our communities. We believe that valuable social content can take the form of:

  • Tutorials and learning experiences. The community can take away tangible lessons that they can apply to different aspects of their life.
  • Escapism. The purpose of the content is to entertain the community member, make them smile, and give a sense of unfiltered enjoyment to their day.
  • Awareness and empathy. We raise questions and address topics that empower our members to grow introspectively and within the community.

In short, each piece of content that we publish educates, entertains, and empowers our communities.

Read the following advice from our Head of Social, Abbie Swindell, about how you can maximise the value of the social content that you publish.


Before you even create your content, you should first consider which platform the content will be published to. This is because some social media platforms may encourage one form of value over another.

Like TikTok, for example, which encourages users to post mainly educational content to the platform through the #LearnOnTikTok campaign.

“A great example of educational content on TikTok is true crime content. Everyone loves to learn about gory stories! So, as long as the topic you’re talking about is engaging and interesting to the viewer, educational content can perform well!

All you need to do is take a look at the #learnontiktok hashtag to see a wide range of informative content that fits a multitude of different communities and interests.”

– Abbie Swindell, Head of Social


If the purpose of your social content is to educate your community, the content itself should first be researched, genuine, and meaningful. There are many different content types that you could use to deliver your content.

As mentioned above, your educational content could take the form of a short-form video, which can help you to get your point across quickly and clearly. Similarly, graphics and carousels can be a punchy and effective way to provide educational value to your community.

However, when educating your community on a more substantial or complex issue, you may want to consider a longer tutorial video, article, or even a white paper. Youtube has a time code function which enables you to separate your video into chapters or steps: perfect for a tutorial video. (To learn more about YouTube chapters, click here.)


On The Tools, our construction-based community with over 5 million members, has grown through its humorous style of entertaining content: mainly video-led. If you intend to provide value to your community mainly through entertaining content, there are some things you should first consider.

“To build a community that publishes ‘entertainment’ content rather than informative, you’ll need to first find your niche. Why are you different to everyone else? Why does your content stand out?

Once you’ve found your community’s purpose, it’s then time to look at the content you want to post and ask yourself why would my community enjoy this? Why would they engage?

Becoming an entertainment publisher on social is a difficult task due to the vast amount of competition, especially when you’re looking at a much broader community. So, finding your purpose is the most important part of setting it up.”

– Abbie Swindell, Head of Social


Content that empowers can be similar to educational content. The main difference is that educational content provides value in the form of practical tutorials and life lessons, whereas the aim of empowering content is to provide awareness and empathy that enables our members to grow introspectively and within the community.

“The most important thing to think about when creating an awareness piece is why you are creating this content in the first place, and who is best to deliver it.

Looking at On The Tools, we put a lot of focus on mental health and suicide prevention as we know this is an ongoing struggle within the industry, and we want to be the voice of change to help our community with the content we distribute.

Really nail down why you want to make a change and how you’re planning on doing this with the content you create.”

– Abbie Swindell, Head Of Social


It’s possible to measure the value of your social content through follower growth and post engagement rate. However, if you really want to know what your community is taking away from your content, you can visit the comments section.

“Value comes in a variety of different forms. For Electric House, value is providing entertaining content, educational content (informing our community on information that is relevant to them), and empowering content.

If they leave a social platform with new knowledge or even just having a laugh then we have added value.”

– Abbie Swindell, Head Of Social


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