How to use group insights on social media

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Read this article to find out how to find group insights on Facebook, how to grow a group on social media, and how to use insights for brand opportunities.

Facebook is notorious for providing limited insight into groups compared to pages. However, we are now seeing more of an effort from the platform to provide more updates and software to encourage the use of group insights.

Electric House Groups Director, Toni Trevillion, knows a thing or two about using group insights to grow a Facebook community. She founded On a Budget in April 2014 after wallpapering her living room herself and wanting a space to share and discuss DIY tips. Now, the On A Budget network has over 3.4 million followers mainly found on Facebook groups.

Recently, Toni joined Aditya Ahluwalia from Convisight and Kate Dyson from The Motherload for an ‘Inside Insight’ Electric House webinar. Read on for their advice on where to find group insights and how you can be using them.

“Whether you want to start a community yourself, or use existing ones, there has never been a better time to engage in groups.”


Facebook group insight data is organised into three categories: growth, engagement, and membership.

Being able to understand and apply data for growth can be useful not only for your own records but also if you’re running a campaign. You can refine the time period using Insights to find out how successful the campaign has been.

“We take a record of our growth every month and keep it in a slide. We can see how much we’ve grown and if we’ve had any drops. Then, we can explore the reasons behind our growth; are Facebook recommending us? Where are our members coming from?”

Finding and understanding your groups’ engagement insights can tell you what type of content is performing the most successfully. Not only this, but it can also show you which members are the most active and who is providing the group with engaging content. Finding these active members can be beneficial to your administration; Toni has recruited a number of On A Budget administrators by using engagement insights.

Facebook Insights also provides you with the membership stats for the top ten group contributors. Toni says,

“I’d love to see more- there’s usually not too big a gap between the top contributor and the 100th highest contributor.”

You can go to these members for administrative support or tag them in underperforming content that isn’t getting a lot of interaction. It’s proven that these members are more likely to comment and offer assistance; this maintains your group’s engagement and keeps your members coming back.


You can use group insights to conduct market research, which is useful when partnering with clients and running campaigns. To conduct market research, all you need to do is ask your group questions, and listen to the answers. Usually, market research is conducted through polls and Q and A’s. Toni says,

“This ‘A’ or ‘B’ technique works really well. This particular post achieved a thousand comments in just two hours, so the brand can see very quickly where to go next.”

You can also conduct your own form of market research using other groups and pages to find out what other communities are talking about.

“There’s a tab at the top of every group that you can click to view the most popular posts. If you go to the ‘top posts’ and have a look through, a company can use that to plan their own strategies.”


You can also use group insights to figure out what type of content works best for driving traffic from your group. In order to drive traffic from your group, you must first decide what the aim of your content is.

Use this aim to form your call-to-action or CTA. A CTA pushes the audience to sign up, shop, discover, try, watch, or start something. You can use a CTA to drive the audience to one of your other channels. Toni says,

“On A Budget has just set up a TikTok account, and we have about 3000 followers on the platform. We sent these followers over from our groups on other platforms.”

Similarly, Toni gained 2000 new followers on her personal Instagram account by posting on the On A Budget Facebook groups. 

“Your members will be looking for your on other platforms anyway, so they don’t think twice about clicking the follow or like button.”


Group insights can be used to manage a variety of actions in your marketing strategy. The trick to using group insights effectively is to know how to find them and understand what the numbers are telling you. Aditya from Convosight says,

“Everything you need to know about your customers is in your groups, if you look hard enough.”

But alongside being able to find the insights for your group, you must understand how to apply this data if you want your group to flourish.

Use the insights to inform your social media marketing strategy. These insights, when used in the right way, can help you to drive traffic and form campaign partnerships effectively.


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