Mar 29th 2021

Introducing the new head of On The Tools


My name is Axel Grassi-Havnen and I was born in North London. I moved to Birmingham at a fairly young age and spent the majority of my youth growing up in Sutton Coldfield. 



My grandparents bought me an acoustic guitar when I was a small child. You’re probably asking yourselves what this has to do with social media, but I’ll explain. I didn’t really enjoy the guitar once I began taking lessons at my all-boys boarding school,  so I actually packed it in for a fair while.

I vividly remember that in the summer of 2010, I wanted to try my hand at guitar once more- but on my own terms. I had been playing an insane amount of Guitar Hero on the PlayStation, pretending I was a youthful and skillful Hendrix. I remember a Tool song that was one of the tracks playable on the game. I absolutely fell in love with it. I remember hearing the experimental, ambient but melodic, and well-thought-about guitar notes.

I knew from hearing these Tool tracks on Guitar Hero that I had to try them for real. So I was given my first electric guitar and started teaching myself Tool songs from YouTube. One thing led to another and then I discovered other artists and bands that I really enjoyed and began learning and progressing on electric guitar.

I found my passion once more for the instrument. So, some years after, I created my first YouTube channel where I would upload guitar covers. I didn’t get a crazy amount of engagement, but I loved it! This opened my eyes to content creation and I started discovering other channels on YouTube.

Then, I eventually bought my first proper DSLR camera and started studying the world of videography and photography. I befriended some guys who had their own channel, and at the time, they were sitting at a few hundred thousand subscribers, which, to me, was ultra-impressive. That channel is TGFbro and they now sit at over 6 million subscribers.

So I started getting more involved with their content and understood how to better create engaging videos. I learned different camera techniques and also how to present myself well. Then, I set up another YouTube channel for myself to upload content that I was more passionate about.

I still have that channel and I am still uploading videos as frequently as I can. My content now revolves more around the automotive industry, as cars are a huge passion for me and a big part of my life.

Thanks to YouTube, I got more and more interested in the world of social media. I started an Instagram account, Twitter, and tried to understand how to cater to each platform, in terms of creating engaging content.

I then started taking up music production and releasing my own music. You can find my music on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms; I think you’ll be quite pleasantly surprised with the sound I go for.

I would promote my music via social media and eventually that helped build even more of a following for myself. TGFbro, music, and my own YouTube channel have really helped to show me what the world of social media is all about.

They’ve all opened up so many doors for me and I’m proud of what I built, but I still have a long way to go. I currently have over 28k followers on Instagram, 30k on YouTube, and 30k on Twitter, but admittedly I know I could be creating more and giving more back to the world.



I am fairly new to Electric house, having only been with the company for nearly 2 months. However, I am extremely grateful for my position and love what I can get involved with.

My role is ‘Head of On The Tools’ and I’m still very much establishing what the role entails and trying to make it my own but I’m learning so much. I feel as if it is my duty to watch over and understand the On The Tools community.

This gives me the knowledge to go and create ideas for pieces of content that I think would fit the On The Tools social channels. It’s an exciting time right now. I have seen the level of growth that the On The Tools Facebook page has had. I am now paying more attention to the YouTube channel and I have big plans to grow it.

I am seeing so much room for exciting content and I have a vision for us to branch out further and really utilise the world of social media. I know how much more reach we can get through YouTube, and through my experience with YouTube as a platform, I think I can provide a lot of value.

I am fortunate to work alongside so many lovely people. Everyone at Electric House is super approachable and friendly. Every individual seems to have something that they really specialise in and you can see how they value the company. It’s a pleasure to work alongside such a dynamic team and I very much look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Keep your eyes on what’s to come through OTT and Electric House- I will say that! Also, feel free to follow my own personal journey. I’m all over social media; I welcome you all!


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