Is AI coming for your job?

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Find out how AI can be used for social media marketing by the Creative Director at Electric House, Bethany Dunmore.

Back when I was a B2B copywriter, I wrote a lot of scary stuff about Industry 4.0, or The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Essentially, this refers to the latest wave of the industrial revolution, and the increasing capabilities of automation, interconnectivity, and machine learning.

What Industry 4.0 means in practice is greater efficiency and less human interference. This could be something of a worry for those who have dedicated their lives to manual production roles.

I, a mighty copywriter, assumed I had nothing to fear from Industry 4.0. How could a machine do what I do? Surely, I thought, creativity is the one thing that separates us from machines, no matter how advanced they become. 

Today, a few short years later, AI is openly used by copywriters to supplement their work. Even the free generators that are available online can produce incredibly convincing content.

To trial the power and efficiency of using AI for social media, I put two sentences into an AI copywriter and asked it to generate an article. 

Putting Social First

Social media has arguably become the most important medium for today’s brands. Whether you’re a social-first fashion start-up or a brick-and-mortar builders’ merchant, an online presence is vital.

It allows you to touch and connect with customers and the entire market in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

However, if you’re not using this social-first approach, you may be leaving money on the table. Your customers are able to give you valuable feedback- both positive and negative- which will help you shape your product and improve your marketing strategy.

In an increasingly competitive market, your brand can only be as strong as your most current consumer opinions are.

Should you be using AI?

It’s not bad; it’s actually pretty good- better than a lot of the writing you’ll find on corporate websites. It may therefore be unsurprising that more and more agencies are using AI software for basic copy tasks. If your client requires a couple of blogs a week, and they’re usually along fairly basic lines, why not give it to a machine?

From a social caption writing perspective, the potential is perhaps even greater. Any social media marketer will know the grind of creating a month’s worth of clever captions, but an AI generator can do it instantly and it will automatically include relevant and trending hashtags.

To conclude

So, is this basically an elaborate letter of resignation? No. AI is evolving rapidly, and no doubt the various copywriting softwares available will only become more sophisticated, but ultimately, their applications will always be limited.

Why? Because truly great copy has a soul. The art of a copywriter is to provoke emotion, whether that’s joy, outrage, fear, or otherwise. To provoke emotion, you have to feel it yourself.

Copy should speak to you. There should be recognition and reaction and a sense of something that rings around your mind- sometimes for years to come.

AI can write a round-up of what’s happening in the world this week or a blog about the generalities of social media marketing. Actually, it is welcome to those jobs. I can’t speak for every creative, but when you’re churning out template content every week you begin to feel like a machine, anyway. 

Copywriters and creatives will survive Industry 4.0. With AI picking up the more repetitive work, we may even thrive, and produce better content than before. That said, were the machines to become sentient and take our jobs by force, I for one would welcome our robot overlords.

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