Oct 22nd 2019

Let’s all #StampOutToolTheft

We’ve teamed up with our client, insurance broker Simply Business, and expert plumber Peter Booth @PBPlumber, on a social media campaign designed to Stamp Out Tool Theft. 

Using our online community, On The Tools, we’re asking everyone in the construction industry and beyond to vote with their feet and sign the petition to get this issue finally debated in parliament. 

According to research conducted by Simply Business, 84 percent of tradespeople don’t believe that the government is doing enough to tackle this issue.

And, a startling one in three tradespeople have had their tools stolen, costing victims a staggering £3,000 plus on average.

The Simply Business campaign to Stamp Out Tool Theft is petitioning for tighter regulations around the selling of second hand tools, and imposing stricter minimum fines for those convicted.

As a result of this petition we hope that tool theft will dramatically decrease within the UK, improving the working conditions for tradespeople.

Tool theft campaign

So far the petition has achieved just under fifteen thousand respondents. 

100,000 signatures are needed to get this debated in parliament. 

Have you had your tools stolen or do you know someone who has? 

Sign the petition, share this far and wide, and join in with the conversation using #stampouttooltheft.



The On The Tools mission to ‘connect construction’ is rooted in the belief that those in the construction industry deserve the same opportunities as those within the white collar world. 

As part of this commitment On The Tools aims to champion diversity and challenge barriers to entry with the trade, highlighting issues such as Tool Theft and acting as a voice for the industry.