Nov 01st 2020


Stories have been a prominent feature across the social sphere since they were launched by Snapchat in 2013, and adopted by Instagram later in 2016. Today, around half a billion of us use stories as part of our day-to-day lives, so it’s clearly a tool that is here to stay! 

So what is the purpose of stories?


It is an extremely personal, reactive way of posting on social media, especially if you are a personality instead of a brand. It was originally set up to allow us to easily document our lives with the people around us. Since then, the function has developed its offering and capability. We have the option to drive traffic to any website we want, run stories adverts to key consumers and even engage with our audience via a wide range of stickers – and the development definitely won’t stop there. This leads me on to the main reason I am writing this article… LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn Stories


Yes, LinkedIn has also jumped on the bandwagon after noticing the importance of the tool in standard social media usage. They’re definitely late to the game, but this is understandable given the contrast between its  ‘professional’ platform positioning and the personal nature of stories as a feature.


If you spend any amount of time on LinkedIn, you will have noticed how much of a shift the platform has made over the past year or so. ‘Professional’ really is becoming a thing of the past, and ‘personal’ is definitely where the platform is heading, so it makes perfect sense for them to roll out their own version of stories.


The big question is, what can we actually do on LinkedIn stories? The features are quite limited, but what we do know is that they last 24 hours like every other platform and the maximum video length is 20 seconds. There is sticker and text overlay functionality and your stories will be shared with your connections on the platform who can then share your story to others. But, if we take our learnings from other social platforms, there’s so much room to be creative with stories… so why not give it a go!