Jun 29th 2020

Meet Josh, Account Manager at Electric House

Hello! My name is Joshua Bennai and I am an Account Manager here at Electric House.

Account Management is a crucial ingredient to the success of a creative publisher/agency, so, here are my top tips on being an effective and impactful account manager.

My first tip is understanding the importance of client relationships. As an account manager, I am the ‘middle man’ between the client and the internal teams. This makes me the primary representative for my company. Developing a positive relationship with the client, not only as a customer but as a person as well, enables me to become an extension to their team. This is integral to success. This motivates me to not only care about achieving success as much as the client, but to properly understand the tone and messaging they want to express.

This leads me nicely into my next key tip for successful account management. Being a visionary. When I say this I don’t mean a fortune teller. I mean being the person that can see the clients vision, as well as the internal teams’ visions, aligning these together and bringing it to life. Whilst coming up with a campaign is a collaborative effort, it is the responsibility of the account manager to ensure that what the client has in mind matches the vision proposed by the internal team, works on the relevant channels and delivers the client’s chosen objectives. It is this ‘vision management’ that makes the ‘middle man’ and ‘extension of the client’ role we play so critical.

To underline these two points, my third tip is like wrapping paper around a Christmas present, or the cheese on a spaghetti bolognese. It is the difference between good and great. Or even, successful and unsuccessful.


Being organised is by far the most essential trait of any successful account manager. Keeping on top of your diary, clients, all of the details within a project and many more things can be time-consuming and tricky, especially if it is not in your nature to be this way. My top tip? Create folders for everything, log everything and never let things build up. This may sound basic, but following that simple advice is what helps me keep my projects on track and my clients happy.

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