Nov 29th 2020

Audience vs Brand: The eternal struggle of an Account Manager – Meet Kirsten Gautry

When I joined Electric House (then On The Tools), I was a completely different person. Cliche I know, and pretty much the start to any article looking back on your career but for me, it’s genuinely astounding. I no longer recognise the shy, anxious girl I was before and honestly, a new person has been born in the past four years. 


Fast forward to 2020 and now, I’m successfully building and executing award winning campaigns, forming relationships with some of the biggest brands in the UK and most importantly, I am a self assured Account Manager who, quite frankly, knows her sh*t.


Cut back to 2016 when I first joined as a Digital Marketing Apprentice for On The Tools. This was the first stepping stone of my career in the media industry. I was so scared, convinced I was going to mess it up. I was a young woman, tasked with 

engaging a middle aged male demographic, specifically, those working in the construction industry. How was I supposed to do that? I couldn’t be further from the demo if I tried! But, I did it.


During my time as part of the On The Tools social team, I wore a lot of hats but my first was Copywriter, and for this, I am thankful. Predominantly tasked with researching and writing articles all about, and tailored for, the trade, I quickly began to pick up on key things happening within the industry and how these impacted the boots on the ground. Then, as I began to expand my remit, editing and co-ordinating video content for our pages, I began to lay the foundations of my career. I knew this community, and I knew what they enjoyed.


Now, don’t get me wrong, social platforms and communities are ever evolving places, they change constantly, so keeping on top of them can be tough. But as more and more of my content began to stack up the views, I knew that I could engage an audience. But the question then became, how could I do this for others?


Cue my switch to the dark side. I… brace yourself… joined the Commercial Team! Shocking I know, going from audience first to brand first, but I was excited! I now had a completely new challenge and I couldn’t wait. The first Account Manager at Electric House, I was the only person in the role, and with expansion fast approaching, I had to lay the foundations for client services, and fast. Looking after some of our biggest clients, accounts that contributed mass amounts of revenue to the business, once again I had a huge challenge ahead – I couldn’t mess this up.


Now, luckily, the Kirsten that joined this team was very different to the person who joined On The Tools back in 2016. I had the audience experience behind me and I wasn’t about to let this daunting task faze me. So, I went at the role with complete dedication, organisation and to be honest, a dominant attitude. Now, I work with global brands and build retained relationships with our clients, creating campaigns that win awards and yield ROI that keeps them coming back for more.


Looking back, I truly wouldn’t change my journey. Without my time working in the social team, putting an audience and community first, I wouldn’t be able to offer my clients the recommendations and advice I do now. Social media is made by the individuals that make up their communities. Without them, brands wouldn’t have anyone to market too. They need to be considered at every stage. From brief to creative to execution, the audience you’re marketing to are the ones who will truly determine the success of your campaign.


So, I leave you with a final thought that I would challenge any brand with: why do you go on social? 


Is it to get ads pushed to you, or is it to consume engaging, social first, content? I’m going to presume it’s the latter. So, next time you’re brainstorming an idea, put yourself into the shoes of the audience, if you wouldn’t watch the ad in your spare time, then why should they?