Feb 04th 2021

Ministry of story so far

One of the less surprising things to come out of 2020 was a social media brand by the name of ‘Ministry Of’ claiming to be a sort of lucrative authority on absolutely everything. Even less surprisingly, the brand has seen considerable success on TikTok: covering science, history and trivia on separate accounts with a combined following of over 400,000. 


However, upon closer inspection, the brand also appears to be composed of a single man in his mid-20s — a sort of neo-clown putting as much effort into his explanations as his sweater-choices and snide jokes. And I’m sorry to inform you that in the post-truth world, this clown is right about everything. 


The clown is I, and the ‘Ministry Of’ brand we at Electric House have violently birthed out into the world has indeed received a fortunate following. 


We’ve worked with TikTok to create and share informative and educational content since May of 2020 as part of the ‘Learn on TikTok’ campaign. In that time, we’ve produced videos that have covered every topic a teenager should know about: IE. quantum mechanics, the Western Schism, the surprising amount of necrophilia in the animal kingdom (if you’re not an expert on the above subjects then your education has failed you and you should re-enroll in primary school at the earliest opportunity). 


We have also since brought the channels to Instagram and it’s ‘Reels’ feature (which shares almost absolutely nothing with its non-counterpart TikTok beyond a vague resemblance you can barely pinpoint. If you feel the resemblance is any more pertinent than this then you have almost certainly lost your mind.) 


There we continue to inform, educate and entertain, not entirely unlike the BBC, excluding a few key differences. And now, in this wonderfully optimistic year that might see COVID-19 firmly behind us and climate apocalypse sitting, politely distant, in front of us, we have big plans!


More personnel, more content (I type the word, gagging) and more platforms! Including, of course, the most dystopian of all: OnlyFans, which I’m sure you will hear more about shortly! Indeed, this year’s developments can only be accurately compared to the rise of the Jacobins in the 1790s. 


(I hope you won’t find me pretentious for comparing the rise of ‘Ministry Of’, a social media brand, to the Jacobins, a violently revolutionary French society, but all other historical comparisons felt underwhelming. Below is a list of alternatives that you can replace the above comparison with to your taste).


  • Western Christianity in the early 300s. 
  • The Bolsheviks during the 1910s.
  • Leicester F.C.s 2015/2016 Premiere League victory. 
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky’s work from 1864 onward. 
  • The resounding success (as a result of guerilla warfare) of large flightless birds in Australia’s 1932 Emu War. 
  • Ludwig Wittgenstein’s spectacular move to linguistic philosophy following the publication of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. 
  • The sweeping rise of perennial plants in the mushroom-dominated ecology of Earth, 420 million years ago. 

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