Oct 30th 2020

Photo Finish

The Process Behind Product Photography Explained


When producing any piece of creative work, preparation is vital to the final result. For product photography, where a client requires brand consistency, you need all the right props, the right setting and a whole lot of calm on the day of the shoot. 


The process we use for preparing for a photoshoot at Electric House follows a few simple stages.


Step 1:

Firstly you start with the focus of the shot, which in this case is the product. This could be in the form of a product list with how many variations is needed for each product. A shot list which could explain more about group shots or give a deeper understanding of how to use the product. Or a topline content calendar where the photographs are used to fall in line with certain dates or promotion. 


Step 2:

Once you have this list you can move onto planning each shot. To do this we create a planning document which titles the shot, includes examples of the product, has reference to examples others have produced in the past and colour swatches. Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you’re after in things that have already been done, in this case we sketch scamps and annotate them to help guide us on shoot day. Other things we often like to add to the plan is a short description. This helps with direction of the shoot when it comes to what angle the photo is taken from, for example if could be a top down image. Also we can describe the setting or the background, or what a model might be doing. If it is a small set of imagery you’re trying to create with a similar theme throughout, you could use a moodboard to give you the general feel for the creative rather than planning every single photo.


Step 3:

The final part of the prep stage would be then bringing all these planned elements together for the shoot day. Models need to be hired, Props lists need to be formed and the props gathered together or purchased. The set needs to be booked and equipment organised.


The Shoot

After all this we can finally take some photos! We start by putting the wheels in motion. At this point we know exactly what we need to photograph, how we need to photograph it, what equipment we will need and we will also have inspiration to help guide us on the day.


We have access to a in-house photo studio or we will be out on location, depending on the subject of the photographs. The day normally starts with a short brief, where we will go through exactly what needs to be captured and what the schedule of the day looks like. We will proceed through the shot list and will build sets and direct models, if required. We will also refer to our plan and inspiration board, as it really helps us with the operation of the photoshoot.


It’s then over to the photographer to make sure the initial setup is good before the photoshoot begins. The lighting and composition is analysed, and the camera settings will be modified to fit the situation. While taking the photos we will explore different angles, perspectives, shutter speeds and focus points, to create unique images for the client. Throughout the day we will make sure the brief has been met and the images are of very high quality. 


The Edit

After the photoshoot is complete, the next stage is editing. This starts by going through the photos, one by one, and picking out the good images. We then edit in Lightroom and Photoshop to whatever specification the client requires, whether it be for their website or social media. After the images have been checked and we are happy with the edits, we will pick out the very best photos, apply graphics (If needed) and then proceed to send them to the client. 


Photography is extremely important to invest in, for whatever purpose you need it for. Having creative images that stand out amongst the crowd, is what will give you the edge over your competitors. Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal, and good photos will take your brand to the next level.


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