Should construction brands be using TikTok?

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We fill you in on why construction brands should be using TikTok and how to make the most of the platform.

Find out from Creative director, Beth Dunmore and Head of Social, Abbie Swindell some top tips as to why construction brands should be using TikTok from the Electric House webinar.

TikTok is the perfect place for construction brands since there’s minimal competition on the platform; there’s a need and an opportunity for construction brands to publish content on the platform.

Research also shows that more TikTok users are searching for construction-based content; The construction hashtag has 10.1bn views and the Tradie hashtag has 1.1bn views. So, it’s also the perfect time for construction brands to be using the platform.

The algorithm is consistently and successfully learning what individuals want to watch based on their own specific interests, meaning that it’s easy to get people’s eyes on your content.

Here are some of the best bits from the last webinar about why construction brands should be using TikTok, and how you can get started.

The majority of content on the platform is viewed through the ‘For You Page’ or the View page. Content that is displayed on this page is mainly discovery-based. This means that you don’t have to be following a particular creator to be seeing their content.

This means that if your content is relevant or engaging then it is easy to grow a follower base here, since it has a higher organic reach than Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. For example, On The Tools achieved 34 times more growth on TikTok than on Instagram in May 2021. In an ideal scenario, you could upload one video and get millions of views- despite having few followers.

The tag #construction has 10.1 billion views to date on the platform; #tradie has 1.1 billion views. It’s clear to see that these users want to watch construction-based content.

Despite these impressive view counts, many construction brands have yet to take advantage of the opportunities that TikTok provides, and as such, most of the construction-based content on the platform is published by independent creators. This means there is plenty of opportunities for construction brands to flourish.

Opportunity to sell

TikTok shops offer brands the ability to sell products in-app to their followers. Recently, they have introduced a feature in live-streams which allow audience members to purchase products directly in the live-stream without leaving: possibly TikTok’s most exciting feature. (Find out more about TikTok shops here…)

Plenty of trends

TikTok was designed to make it easy for users to create and publish content. In this way, there are plenty of sounds, filters, and trends on TikTok which make it simple for any user to create viral and engaging content. 

However, bear in mind that content that has been created for another social platform, for example, Facebook, may not perform successfully on TikTok. Short-form, raw, authentic and humorous content usually performs well on TikTok: perfect for Tradies. TikTok Tradies are more than mere tradespeople; they’re influencers, too. ​​As it’s a personality led platform, influencer content is the most natural form of branded content to jump on.


TikTok is a valuable space for any brand to use when trying to reach a younger demographic. The lack of existing construction brands, demand for construction-based content, and simplicity of engaging content creation, makes the platform a perfect place for construction brands.

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