Nov 27th 2019

Stories School by Facebook


Stories School by Facebook

As part of our ongoing relationship with Facebook a few of the Electric House team visited the London HQ last week to participate in Stories School. 

Stories are definitely exploding, with over 1billion stories published per day (across both Facebook and Instagram) currently. 

Short form content belongs on the stories function. 

Stories are always at the top of your news feed, making them easy to access and ideal for obtaining engagement. We’ve put together some advice on how to utilise stories and get creative with some of its functionality.  

-Facebook’s advice is to use them like a ‘story’. Include a beginning, middle and end to keep viewers returning back.  

-Cross posting stories on Facebook and Instagram is a good idea, allowing you to boost engagement and hit more people. 

-Whilst the functionality of stories is very similar across Facebook and Instagram,  some items won’t translate when you cross-post. For example, Facebook won’t show a countdown timer or quizzes so remember to double check this before you cross-post.

-Insights from Facebook stories are only available to access for 14 days, (Instagram has an archive where you can view them all).

-So remember to jot them down for any reports in time. It’s also important to remember that the results do not merge, so you’ll need to go to each platform to obtain them when cross posting.  

Get creative using stories

-Take a picture of a scene/person/item. Then fill the screen with colour hiding the image. Then use the eraser tool to show bits of the picture with a ‘Guess what this is’ caption. 

-Use rainbow text. Type your text, highlight it all, then select a colour and hold, then use your other finger to drag through the colour pallette. Like so:


-Attach stickers to people or any moving object in your video.  Place the sticker where you want it to feature, click and hold and then ‘pin’ comes up as an option. 

-Try out Quizzes and Polls on stickers. Use the countdown function to build anticipation. Change the orientation of your sliders, and the emoji’s on them. 

-If you have some design and technical skills, Spark AR Studio allows you to build your own filter for campaigns and link back to your page to grow followers. 

-Use stories to push people over to your IGTV videos by linking the video to the story. Use highlights from the video but make sure it is fit for stories.

Speak to us about how to use stories as part of your social media plans.