Mar 17th 2021

The Ministry Of is taking over Snapchat with a brand new series!

Find out all about an exciting new Snapchat series by Electric House’s “Ministry of” community.


‘Ministry Of’ is an educational community created by Electric House — a sort of lucrative authority on absolutely everything. Our fun and educational content is all delivered by our in-house influencer, Max: a self-confessed “overgrown child in his mid-twenties”.


Until now, the fun and bite-sized facts shared by ‘Ministry Of’ about all manner of outlandish topics could only be found on TikTok and Instagram. It’s time for Snapchat to get a piece of the action.



‘The Truth About…” is a brand new Snapchat series by ‘Ministry Of’. Every week, we’ll be digging behind-the-scenes of some of the world’s most talked-about and exciting topics, including aliens, flat earth theory, and cryonics.


Upon the release of the series’ first episode, Max said: 

“We’re all extremely excited about the new series, where we’ll be exploring conspiracies and interviewing people on a wide spectrum from ‘scientific expert’ to ‘complete and utter nutcase’.”


Created in cooperation with Snapchat themselves, ‘The Truth About’ serves as a prime example of our continuance to strive to create industry-leading social content through our partnerships with the world’s biggest social platforms.



Go and find the mad world of Ministry Of on Snapchat now. We walk on the weird side of life and bring you the facts you didn’t learn at school.


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