Aug 02nd 2020

The Production Toolkit for Social Edits

A toolkit is important for all aspects of production, but it’s not always cameras and sound equipment. An edit toolkit is essential, especially when you’re creating content for social channels. Here are a few things that might be handy to keep in mind.


You’re aware that you need to film in portrait or landscape but now you’re in the edit and you need to know specific sizes. That’s where SocialSizes can help you out. It’s a really handy site that tells you image and video sizes for pretty much every social media platform. You can even download templates for Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma.


Next up, your video might benefit from using that track you like from Ed Sheeran or Drake, but if you use it, your video will be taken down for copyright infringement. Below are my top three sites for copyright-free music:


Epidemic Sound – A £39 per month commercial license covers you for social media, online platforms, and websites such as Vimeo and YouTube. It has a great selection of music.


Pond5 – A slightly more pricey option as you pay per track but it has a huge library and also offers videos, sound effects, images, and even 3D models.


Premium Beat – Most tracks are around £49 but the site offers great filter options so you can really find the perfect track.


Finally, you’re in the edit and you feel like something is missing. An image or an extra bit of video might just finish the edit off nicely. Again, with music, you might be tempted to just Google something, but you run the risk of using something that is copyrighted. Here are my top three sites for copyright-free images and videos:


ShutterStock – Probably most peoples ‘go-to’ site for images and video. You can buy packages that allow you to download 5 or 25 images or you can subscribe and download on a monthly basis. If you sign up, you’ll get 10 free images. It also offers footage and music.


UnSplash – Here you can download any image completely free of charge and use it wherever you like. No permission is needed (though attribution is appreciated!) – Similar to UpSplash, StockSnap’s images are all free. They also have categories for virtual backgrounds (for all those video calls) and mobile phone wallpapers.


There are many other sites out there that offer similar services. It’s worth spending time to find the right one for you, but hopefully, my suggestions are a good starting point. Go now, be free, create, and most importantly, stay safe.


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