Jun 17th 2021

The Truth About… is back for a second series on Snapchat

The Truth About Snapchat

A new Snapchat series by Electric House’s ‘Ministry Of’ community is here.

After digging behind the scenes of some intriguing and controversial topics, including aliens, flat-earth theory, and cryonics in the first series, the ‘Ministry Of’ team is back. The highly-anticipated second series is set to uncover The Truth About some of the world’s most talked-about topics.

‘Ministry Of’ is an educational community created by Electric House — a sort of lucrative authority on absolutely everything. Our fun and educational content is all delivered by our in-house influencer, Max: a self-confessed “overgrown child in his mid-twenties”.

Follow Max as he interviews some weird and wonderful characters and dives into the worlds of cannibals, psychopaths, and the Illuminati in the second series of The Truth About.


The Truth About Snapchat

Behind the scenes photos from the “Deep Fakes” episode


The Truth About presenter, Max Tobin,  commented:

“I’m extremely excited to release Season 2 of The Truth About: especially so that the world can now watch me getting my behind spanked by a dominatrix, which has always been a decisive goal for me and my image.”


The release of the second series of The Truth About is a direct result of our successful first season in partnership with Snapchat, which allowed for higher quality videography and more attention-grabbing narratives. ‘Ministry Of’ has now grown an exclusive Snapchat community from a standing start to a following of around 25,000 in just two months.

Both series of The Truth About demonstrate our commitment to creating industry-leading social content through our partnerships with the world’s biggest social platforms.

Go and find the second series of The Truth About on Snapchat now, brought to you by the mad world of Ministry Of. We walk on the weird side of life, bringing you the facts you didn’t learn at school.


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