Top 5 Community marketing social media updates

clock 11 months ago

Find out about the biggest community marketing updates across social media.

Summer 2021 has been a fast-paced season for social media, with new updates being introduced to support community marketing to help you produce valuable content in the right place, at the right time.

Here are some that we think you should know about for your strategy…


Twitter Communities were created to give people a dedicated place to connect, share, and get closer to the discussions they care about most: a fast-paced social group with a real emphasis on sharing, conversation, and engagement.

We sat down with Troy to find out whether the function could become the add-on that re-energises Twitter. Read the full article here.


Looking for a new way to engage with your community? If you’re wanting to create short-form, engaging content outside of TikTok, then Instagram Montage may be of interest.

Instagram Montage is a feature being rolled out that will enable users to convert Instagram Stories into Reels. Currently being tested internally, the straightforward tool may soon be used by Instagram users to get their TikTok fix in-app. Find out more information about Instagram Montage here.


Collaborating with businesses, brands, and influencers who have similar interests to your community can bring in new levels of value. Instagram Collab is a feature that allows users to co-author Instagram Reels and feed posts with partner or influencer accounts.

Anyone tagged as a collaborator, instead of just as a friend, will be shown as a co-author of the post (with an ability to repost to their own profile). Not only is collaborating with others now faster, but this feature can improve transparency and communication within your community. Find out more here.


YouTube is expanding user access to its Community posts, which will provide more opportunities for creators to engage with their communities.

In YouTube’s Community section, creators can post various updates in a dedicated community space, including images, GIFs, polls and videos. Similar to a traditional social media feed in the YouTube app, the Community feature provides new ways to share updates, and enhance communication and connection in your own community. Find out more here.


A new feature is being rolled out by Linkedin for Company Pages called ‘Articles for Pages’. Articles for Pages seems to be an extension of LinkedIn’s long-form blogging option, allowing company pages to create long-form posts, and share them directly in-app.

This feature is intended to better enable brands to engage their LinkedIn community in the app, while providing more format options for company content, including links, pull quotes, and more. Read more about Articles for pages here.


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