We live-streamed the Mars landing on TikTok’s home page

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On 30th July 2020, a NASA rover called Perseverance was launched from Florida. Headed for the Mars Jezero Crater, its mission was to seek signs of ancient life and collect rock samples to take back to Earth.

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The week before it was due to land in February 2021, the social team at Electric House were contacted by TikTok.

Their proposal was out of this world: a live-streamed collaboration between the Ministry Of Science, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the UK Space Agency, narrating the landing of the Perseverance rover.

At 8:15 PM on the 18th February 2021, Max Tobin, the host of Ministry Of Science went live on TikTok’s homepage in collaboration with the platform’s initiative, #learnontiktok. It was watched by a hundred thousand people.

On the day of the livestream, Ministry Of Science received 20.3k channel visits, 2.1m video views, and 8.7k new followers.

The highly anticipated mission has cost NASA $2.7 billion, and the rover has travelled 300 million miles over the course of seven months. As Max was waiting for the rover to enter Mars’ atmosphere, he remarked: “I’ve never been this invested in something happening over a hundred million miles away before!”

The landing of the Perseverance rover was a historic moment for science and humankind, but there was a chance that the rover could crash and lose connection. Max assured the viewers that failure is an important part of space exploration:

“We gain a very deep understanding from things going wrong, so it won’t be a total disaster. It will be sad, but there’s no need to rip your tiny violins out.”

Thankfully, everything went according to plan. After hurtling through Mars’ atmosphere at a whopping 12000 miles per hour, Perseverance settled onto the red planet at 20:56 (Max’s time), ready to search for signs of ancient life.

Ministry Of Science was created to increase enthusiasm for science. The channel’s community enjoys how Max can condense amazing facts into bite-sized snippets. This ability was noticed by TikTok, and broadcasted on their homepage during one of the most momentous occasions in space exploration thus far.

This opportunity showed 100k livestream viewers how Ministry Of Science can make the most prodigious of scientific events accessible and entertaining. 

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