What are content pillars?

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Find out what content pillars are, how to choose them, and why you should be using them to promote positive change in your online communities.

Later.com describes content pillars as topics that you can consistently discuss, amplify, and create content for on social media. They can help you to clarify your niche, organise your content, and promote positive change within your communities.

It’s important to choose content pillars that resonate with your community so that you can provide valuable content. As Head of social, Abbie Swindell explains:

“The main way that we come up with content pillars is by really deep-diving into what the communities are already doing, what they’re talking about.”

Find out what our content pillars are for On A Budget and On The Tools, and explore some of the ways that we use content pillars in our communities.


DIY On A Budget is a social media phenomenon for problem solvers, money savers and value seekers with over 3.6 million community members. Our content pillars for On A Budget are inspirational, instructional, entertainment, money, wellbeing, and empowerment.

On A Budget Content Pillars

If we place a focus on these bespoke content pillars when curating content for the On A Budget community, we can increase the value of our content and more effectively communicate the community’s founding ethos of trying to do more with less.

When choosing your content pillars, remember that your pillars can encompass multiple themes, and the content you create can encompass multiple content pillars. For example, a 2021 On A Budget Kid’s Halloween Crafts video encompasses both the ‘instructional’ and ‘money’ pillars, providing parents with cost-effective and practical methods to entertain their children. 

On A Budget Halloween Crafts Video


On The Tools is the largest online construction community in the UK. It is the go-to place for builders and tradespeople to find entertainment, information and industry news.

“On The Tools have six main content pillars: inclusion, employment, wellbeing, innovation and technology, humour, which is obviously very important for On The Tools, and money.

On The Tools Content Pillars

We want to cover the topics that aren’t always covered: the really important topics that we feel are essential to the On The Tools community. By doing this, we’re able to talk about things that are really important. It gives them almost an opportunity to get their voice out there.”

– Samuel Lardner, On The Tools Editor


Content pillars can help you to clarify your niche, organise your content, and promote positive change within your communities.

Listening to and understanding your community will help you to choose content pillars that are relevant, and can provide engaging, valuable content for your community.

Following your content pillars when curating content will improve consistency in your content output, as well as ensuring that you’re paying attention to the topics that really matter to your community.

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