Why Go Live

clock 10 months ago

Going live on social is a fantastic way to engage and converse with your audience. A lot of influencers, content creators and publishers use it to entertain and interact with their followers in real-time.

To put that into numbers, Facebook Live videos experience three times the engagement of typical social videos. Currently, Facebook Live generates a massive 3,000 years of watch time every single day.

Talking Trade

We’ve been doing live shows for a while, but as watch figures and engagement have grown, we’ve upped our game to take advantage of the opportunities offered. For example, every Thursday, we run our construction based panel show “Talking Trade”, live from our On The Tools page. 

The purpose of the show is to discuss and debate the latest news and topics within the construction industry. By going live, we allow our community to join the conversation. This is one of the greatest advantages of going live, unlike non-live content, you can respond to the comments and questions of your audience immediately, and encourage them to engage with your chosen subject matter.

In the case of Talking Trade, our host monitors the comments and either responds himself or passes it to the relevant panel member to answer or respond to. This also helps to keep the discussions on track and relevant, as they are guided by the reactions of our viewers.

Toolstation Tuesdays

Equally, going live doesn’t have to be serious. It can be an opportunity to have a bit of fun, using entertainment and gamification to engage your audience. Another of our regular lives is Toolstation Tuesdays, a weekly branded show where we play a series of games, offering tradies the chance to interact and win prizes. Currently, Toolstation Tuesdays averages 1300 constant live viewers, before receiving around 135,000 views from non-live watchers across the rest of the week.

The Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Encourage authentic engagement through relevant topics
  • Use it to talk to the audience through questions 
  • Be consistent, give people a set time and day so they know when to come for the show


  • Do not tell people what to comment in the comment section – this is classed as engagement bait and you will get penalised for it. If, for example, you’re playing a game and you’re asking people to answer a question/provide a guess, ask viewers to comment in the questions boxes Facebook provide
  • Don’t use Live as a chance to sell, it’s a place to add value and talk to your audience. If your content is too commercial, you may find people switch off pretty quickly.
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