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Find out more about why On The Tools made Talking Trade from Chief Content Officer, Adam Barrie

The Talking Trade live show was created by the team at On The Tools. The idea was to give back to tradespeople, who were classed as key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The live format and discussion panel was considered to be somewhat of a risk to take by On The Tools since the community has mostly grown through its humorous style of content on Facebook.

The Talking Trade content is considerably more serious in nature because it addresses the concerns of the community, responds to the news agenda, and uses a live video format with real people. However, it has succeeded to reach large audiences, and with huge and often emotive engagements.

Find out why we made Talking Trade from Chief Content Officer, Adam Barrie…


We conducted research using social listening, Facebook audience insights, and Google trends data, discovering that during Q2 of 2020, the topics of working conditions and Covid-19 were the most talked-about amongst UK tradespeople.

Compacted by confusing messaging from the government and mainstream media, our research showed that tradespeople felt confused and conflicted; it was clear that they needed a space to vent and share.

“The things that they were talking to us about were material shortages, the grant scheme, non-payment, and mental wellbeing. We all know that’s quite a big thing in the trade.”

– Adam Barrie, Chief Content Officer

The plan was for a hosted weekly show to talk about these topics, to encourage debate and deeper engagement, building brand resonance between tradespeople and On The Tools.


“Why don’t we set up a weekly live where we can get tradespeople to engage with us and tell us exactly what’s going on and exactly what their pain points are? That way, we could then try and help them fix it.”

– Adam Barrie, Chief Content Officer

We hosted a weekly live show to discuss these topics, encourage debate and deeper engagement, building brand resonance between tradespeople and On The Tools.

We put the boots on the ground in the hot seat, and featured guests from across the construction industry on every episode, including a special with TV and building legend, Nick Knowles, who approached the show to get involved.

The live format means that the On The Tools community can interact with the host and guests: asking questions and sharing their experiences and opinions.


Talking Trade has received 7 million collective views and over 20,000 combined engagements to date over 20 episodes. 

Due to the series’ impact, it has now become a fundamental pillar of the On The Tools social strategy, achieving and exceeding business and social KPIs regarding engagement with live audiences.

Perhaps more impactful than the number of engagements is how meaningful those engagements have been. Comments during and after the shows have included discussions on mental health, Covid working conditions and financial support during the Pandemic.

“No one reaches more tradespeople than On The Tools does. But, in particular, for our mental wellbeing, our mental health content, no one reaches more tradespeople than we do, spreading that message.

So, to see people in the comment sections supporting us and saying, “this is fantastic, I wish everyone else cared about us as much you do,” that’s a nice thing to be a part of.”

– Adam Barrie, Chief Content Officer


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