YouTube bans gambling, alcohol, and politics from advertising

clock 11 months ago

You will not be seeing gambling, alcohol, or politics at the top of YouTube's home page. 

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The mast-head slot is one of the first things that YouTube users see when they open the platform; an understandably coveted and expensive ad space for brands.

However, in a recent attempt to improve inclusivity for YouTube’s expanding user base, the platform has officially banned brands from advertising gambling, alcohol, or politics on their home page.

Electric House CEO, Lee Wilcox, says:

“I think it’s a really smart move by YouTube. They could probably do more, but I think it’s a good start; a really good start. Well done, YouTube.”

And as for where gambling brands can continue advertising:

“@thegamblingcommission, @paddypower, @bet365, if they actually want to make change with 5 million UK males that are actually already gambling, but need to be doing it in a safer space and have better measures, On The Tools is where it needs to be.

With all of the gambling companies at the minute, the messaging is all the same. It’s all about: ‘We’ve got these measures in place to help you.’ But, I think they need to do more, and that’s how I would love to work with them.”

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